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ID : 114503
Brand : KIS (ITALY)
Model : 9761000
Last Update : 04/02/2560 15:07 Preview : 8,075
Titan Multispace is not just a simple utility plastic cabinet, it is a new, exclusive concept for storage space. The shelves inside the cabinet can be folded 90° for total modularity to be used with almost all Kis storage boxes. The Titan multispace cabinet, as all the Titan range, is totally waterproof.
ID : 114505
Brand : KIS (ITALY)
Model : 9980000
Last Update : 06/02/2558 09:56 Preview : 3,264
Modular plastic shelf unit with five shelves and possibility of vertical or horizontal mounting, easy to assemble without tools and super-sturdy (55 kg per shelf). Can be coordinated with the Excellence line of cabinets thanks to its highly versatile dimensions.
ID : 114509
Brand : KIS (ITALY)
Model : 9505000
Last Update : 06/02/2558 12:53 Preview : 3,885
Solid tough plastic shelf unit, modular and deep (60 cm deep), the ideal way to organise even the bulkiest heaviest objects. The 90 kg per shelf and wall mounted tool holder are perfect allies for all hobby and DIY areas, the top of the range in the world of shelves.
ID : 114513
Brand : Daiken
Model : DM-GY 179
Last Update : 23/03/2561 14:11 Preview : 8,931
ID : 114514
Brand : Daiken
Model : DM-GY 137
Last Update : 26/01/2559 12:16 Preview : 6,696
ID : 128710
Brand : Addon Karo
Model : KARO
Last Update : 04/02/2560 16:05 Preview : 6,559
Design in NEW ZEALADN ขนาด 1.60m x 1.60m x 1.93m
ID : 131348
Brand : Lifetime
Model : 60054
Last Update : 28/04/2559 13:48 Preview : 3,375
ID : 131444
Brand : Lifetime
Model : 8354
Last Update : 03/05/2559 11:39 Preview : 2,417
Lifetime 26-Inch Personal Tables® are constructed of high-density polyethylene and designed for strength and stability. The tables feature three adjustable height settings from 24" to 28" for versatile use. The steel frame design folds flat for easy storage and is protected with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish. The tables are built for indoor or outdoor use.
ID : 131469
Brand : Lifetime
Model : 90594
Last Update : 04/05/2559 14:11 Preview : 2,557
The 101" adult kayak has a 225 lb. weight capacity and comes in glacier blue. This model is a "sit-on-top" (SOT) kayak and comes with a molded center carry handle, shock cord straps, and swim up deck. Comes with paddle (1116309) and a 5-year limited warranty. Note: Designed for flatwater use only. Durable Lightweight Polyethylene Construction This kayak is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which has been blow molded into one smooth piece with no sharp edges or protruding hardware. No scrapes or scratches! The light weight makes it easy to transport this kayak in a truck or minivan.
ID : 131684
Brand : Sankyo Tateyama
Model : KHR-51.27
Last Update : 10/05/2559 09:32 Preview : 2,360
ID : 145521
Model : 80230
Last Update : 31/01/2560 09:01 Preview : 1,870
The Lifetime 33 in. small round folding table is designed with a unique x-frame that makes it the easiest portable table to use on the market. The legs fold up or down in one, smooth, simple motion.To give this table an elegant appearance, the legs flare slightly at the feet and the table edges are softly beveled. Designed to be attractive enough for formal settings, yet durable enough for institutional settings such as schools and churches. Table surface allows for smooth handwriting. UV-protected polyethylene plastic tabletop and powder-coated steel frame provide weather protection against fading, warping, or rusting, so this table can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Low maintenance and easy to clean with a stain resistant, water resistant tabletop. This small round folding table is lightweight for easy transportation and storage. Larger than our Personal Tables, but smaller than our Banquet Tables, this 33 inch table is the ideal size for a variety of purposes: crafts, demos, party refreshments, or patio dining, just to name a few.
ID : 145522
Model : 280064
Last Update : 31/01/2560 09:02 Preview : 1,714
DESCRIPTION Have table, will travel! The 4 ft round fold-in-half table is ideal for traveling salesmen or home demo representatives.The 4 ft round fold-in-half table is the handiest table you'll ever own. Open it up for a full 48 inch tabletop to use for displays or instant meeting accommodations for up to four people. Table surface allows for smooth handwriting. Then fold in half to a convenient 24 inch width with carrying handle to easily transport to your next event. The Lifetime 4 ft round fold-in-half table is constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic with honeycombed tack-off design for extra rigidity and powder-coated steel for a durable, lightweight, weather resistant table that will look as good as new through many years of use, indoors or out.
ID : 145523
Model : 60057
Last Update : 22/01/2560 17:02 Preview : 4,442
ID : 145546
Brand : Addon
Model : Carbon SUP
Last Update : 02/02/2560 14:09 Preview : 2,377
ID : 145549
Brand : Addon
Model : Aluminum SUP Paddle
Last Update : 23/01/2560 12:31 Preview : 2,230
Strong, light, economical SUP Paddle for the beginner and enthusiasts.
ID : 146131
Model : 80100
Last Update : 02/02/2560 14:06 Preview : 1,740
DESCRIPTION Lifetime has improved the traditional folding card table to make it even more convenient to store at home, at the office, or take along in the trunk of your car. Thanks to the innovative fold-in-half design, this 34" card table folds up to only 17.6" wide for amazingly compact storage. Constructed with a water-proof, stain resistant polyethylene tabletop and durable steel fram, it requires very little maintenance. All materials are weather protected to resist warping, fading, and rusting, so you can use this folding table for outdoor activities as well. Perfect to use for game nights, extra dining acommodations, or as a take along table to craft events or camping getaways. FEATURES
ID : 146141
Last Update : 02/02/2560 14:59 Preview : 1,544
กล่องเก็บของจากอิตาลี ลายสกีนลงไปในเนื้อพลาสติก ไม่หลุดลอกง่าย สามารถเก็บของใช้ให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย
ID : 146144
Model : Vintage Sweet
Last Update : 02/02/2560 14:58 Preview : 1,291
กล่องเก็บของจากอิตาลี ลายสกีนลงไปในเนื้อพลาสติก ไม่หลุดลอกง่าย สามารถเก็บของใช้ให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย
ID : 146152
Model : Vintage Garage
Last Update : 02/02/2560 16:58 Preview : 1,445
กล่องเก็บของจากอิตาลี ลายสกีนลงไปในเนื้อพลาสติก ไม่หลุดลอกง่าย สามารถเก็บของใช้ให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย
ID : 146153
Model : Vintage Fast Food
Last Update : 02/02/2560 17:00 Preview : 1,576
กล่องเก็บของจากอิตาลี ลายสกีนลงไปในเนื้อพลาสติก ไม่หลุดลอกง่าย สามารถเก็บของใช้ให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย